PicoArmor is a website dedicated to wargaming at the 1/600 scale

Customer service was top notch. Open communication throughout the entire process, a company that puts the customers first.

Clifford H.★★★★★

Precise, excellent packaging and if you have the opportunity to meet them, some of the most friendly folks to work with. Vivat!!

Bruce M.★★★★★

Brilliant models, fantastic customer service, this scale is very much suited to company-battalion level games, such as Fistful of TOWs and Blitzkrieg Commander.

Harley G.★★★★★

John at Pico Armor is incredible. I placed an order late on the 7th and received it, in Alaska, on the 10th. Thanks John. I look forward to doing more business with you.


It's almost like he has mastered the time space continuum.