PicoArmor is a website dedicated to wargaming at the 1/600 scale

PicoArmor at Adepticon 2018!

We will feature Shadows in the Void.

We will be accepting web orders during the show, but shipments will follow the show.


PicoArmor’s New Galactic HQs!

Yes, we’ve moved!

The Illusive December Releases!

Our December shipment has crossed the Atlantic twice, but a replacement supply has arrived. It includes Chinese Infantry, Napoleonic Horse Teams, and the aircraft below.

December’s Aircraft

Soviet biplane fighter I-15
Soviet fast medium bomber Tu-2
German Fokker Dr.I triplane


Pico Armor’s mission is to promote wargaming broadly, but primarily at the micro scales.


3mm B-29!

Customer service was top notch. Open communication throughout the entire process, a company that puts the customers first.

Clifford H.★★★★★

Precise, excellent packaging and if you have the opportunity to meet them, some of the most friendly folks to work with. Vivat!!

Bruce M.★★★★★

Brilliant models, fantastic customer service, this scale is very much suited to company-battalion level games, such as Fistful of TOWs and Blitzkrieg Commander.

Harley G.★★★★★

Hetzer -
John at Pico Armor is incredible. I placed an order late on the 7th and received it, in Alaska, on the 10th. Thanks John. I look forward to doing more business with you.

It's almost like he has mastered the time space continuum.

The Miniatures Page★★★★★