First of all, to all our returning customers, welcome back! Because of you, we’ve had the honor of providing miniatures and other items to a great community for 10 years! We hope to be doing this for many, many more, but as some of you know, we’re kinda getting up there in age.

That leads to our second point – we’re launching the Pico War College (see our mission) to encourage new players to take up the hobby and refresh our ranks. Under the War College, we’ve invited some of the most innovative and well-known players (we think) to help create content, answer questions

and provide opportunities for old and new players to interact both online and through the numerous gaming conventions that happen regionally. We’ll be posting new content on a regular basis and welcome any questions and inquiries through our discussion board.

And finally, as a thank you to our customers and a way of attracting new players, we’ve lowered our per pack prices! Go ahead, click on the menu bar above and check out our stock and prices.