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Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:16 pm

I make trees from green, used would be better, scouring pads, a penny, , toothpick, Gorilla Glue (makes great base texture), paint and flock. With these items I can make a custom very small tree. My first attempts were closer to 6mm than 3 but now I'm on top of it. (Anyone wanna trade for a dozen or so 6mm trees lol) I've seen the trees or forests made just from lichen and I'm experimenting with free carpet samples to make forrests clumps but haven't put my heart into it yet for testing and experimenting so no success yet. Anyone have anything other they have accomplished for trees at 3mm?
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Re: Trees

Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:44 pm

I use scouring pads to make hedgerows and conifers. I broke down and bought a bag of clump foliage as well, and I use the scouring pads as bases for canopy forests, just cut the pads to shape and coat with Aileen's glue, and press on the clumps. I mount it on a piece of box cardboard cut smaller that the scouring pad, and this give the woods the right height for 3mm. I have used lichen and flock for 6mm, but this is much easier and a bag of clump foliage from Woodland Scenics, on Amazon, is a lifetime supply for 3mm and has a great look.

I also use the clump foliage and wire to make individual trees, based in a bit of Paper Clay. Bruce

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