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Hello from Washington State

Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:49 pm

Hello all,
       I have been collecting miniatures and models since I was a kid. Which is a very long time, over 50 years. Started out with those 50 cent 1/72nd scale warplane models in the 60s and just never stopped. Never got into war-gaming but I do enjoy building my own versions of largely US war formations. I am not hidebound as I include any weapons systems/vehicles that I think the US military would have been better off with. I stick to moderns now almost exclusively. Have naval, air and ground units in various scales, mostly boxed up now as I do not have the room to have them all out on shelves as I once did. Some of those warship models in my collection are huge! Have been moving to the smaller scales now for the last few years. Currently I am replacing my collection of Roco 1/87 and GHQ 1/285 Armor with these excellent Oddzial Osmy miniatures. While I understand the wargame necessity of using one vehicle to represent several, I prefer to build units on a one to one basis. I am really enjoying these small scale miniatures.


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