The Emperor’s Finest: Panzer Korps Scenario Book VII

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PANZER KORPS BATTLE SCENARIOS Volume VII is the Seventh in a series of Scenario books designed specifically for the PANZER KORPS WWII Rules System.

It includes 17 ready to play Scenarios featuring Japanese forces with maps & Force Groups.

Scenarios cover: Across The Halha ‘39;  Assault on Manila ‘45;  Siege of Hong Kong ‘41; Battle of Senshou ‘38;  Pelelieu ‘44;  Battle of the Coral Sea ‘42;  The Burma Road ‘42; Henderson Field ’42;  Clash At Lang Son ‘40;  Nanking’s Requiem ‘37;  Operation Cannibal ‘43;  Operation Kogo ‘44;  Assault on Tai’erchuang ‘38;  Russian Beach Red ‘45;  Battle For Meiktila ‘45;  August Storm ‘45;  Battle At Lake Kasan ‘38.


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